Warranty Information


CARBON 88 (”Manufacturer”) warrants each new Carbon Fiber component to the original Purchaser (non-transferrable) as follows:

• The F-Carbon Line, R-Carbon Line, M-Carbon Line and other Manufacturer products have a limited lifetime warranty due to the failure of materials and workmanship.

• Warranty replacement costs will be covered for a period of ONE (1) year (installation and removal labor costs) ONLY at participating Manufacturer Certified Installer and Dealer locations.

• Warranty replacements for Manufacturer carbon fiber products will be issued at no cost for the life of the products to the original Purchaser.

• All purchasers, end users, self installers assumes all risks of damage to their own vehicle(s). Manufacturer will not be held responsible for damage to vehicles.


• Normal wear and tear for the life of the Manufacturer carbon fiber part. • Scratches, cosmetic damage, or improper care of the finish of the part whether accidental or intentional will NOT BE COVERED.

• Damage caused to carbon fiber products by improper installation by non-certified Manufacturer installer or miss use of the component’s designed application.

• Other Dealer and/or Purchaser installed parts and accessories

• Incidental, ancillary or other NON-Carbon 88 supplied part(s) or system(s) WILL NOT BE COVERED under the warranty.

• Custom orders, “Special Request Materials” or “Color to Sample” products will not be covered under this warranty.

• Damages due to acts of God, other external causes.

• Carbon 88 will not be responsible for Purchaser installed damage to the carbon fiber parts or vehicle whatsoever.


• Alterations, modifications, or enhancements, of any kind, in any form will void this warranty.

• Use of any component for a purpose other than it’s normal intended use • Misuse, negligence, or collision.

• Installation of any additional part or accessory that comes in contact with, or may interfere with Manufacturer components.

• Failure to register components with Manufacturer’s online registration system as outlined below.


This Warranty is subject to certain Conditions and Limitations including but not limited to the following:

• Any Carbon 88 produced carbon fiber part that is found to be defective under the terms of this warranty will be repaired or replaced, using either new or reconditioned parts, at the sole discretion of the Manufacturer

• This warranty is applicable to the original Purchaser only and is not transferrable to subsequent purchasers of the vehicle or carbon fiber part.

• The Manufacturer does not accept any responsibility in connection with the installation work of any of it’s dealers or agents or installers.

• Without regard to an alleged defect of its products, the Manufacturer does not, under any circumstances, assume responsibility for any inconvenience, loss of time, loss of use, loss of revenue, or any other consequential damage including, but not limited to, expenses for telephone, food, lodging, fuel, travel, or loss or damage to the vehicle the products are installed on, or loss or damage, to personal property of the Purchaser or user of the products.

• Manufacturer does not undertake responsibility to any of its Purchasers for Warranty expressed or implied by any of its dealers, distributors, or agents beyond what is contained herein.

• Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the design of, improvement to, or manufacturing of, its products without imposing any obligation upon itself to provide notice of such changes to its Purchasers. • Under no circumstances shall Carbon 88 Inc, Carbon 88 LLC, it’s agents, employees, assignees, heirs, owners, creditors be liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages sustained in connection with the Carbon 88 carbon fiber product(s).


• Purchaser has a period of no more than 30 days from the date of purchase to enter the original product serial number found on the CARBON 88 Owner’s Certificate Card to effectuate the terms of this warranty. Failure to do so will nullify any and all warranty of the products. • Purchaser must register the original product serial number, along with the name, address, telephone number, and email address with Carbon 88. Purchaser may do so by visiting Carbon 88’s website at www.carbon-88.com/registration. Failure to do so will nullify any and all warranty of the product.

• Additional details can be found by visiting and completing the Carbon 88 purchaser registration form on-line.

• Purchaser may submit a warranty claim through the following:
Ship the parts claiming warranty replacement or repair to:

Carbon 88 Inc.
8530 W. Charleston Blvd, Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89117

• Manufacturer will determine under its sole and absolute discretion whether the carbon fiber component will qualify for the claim OR damage is due to neglect or mis-use. Return postage of any non-qualifed claim will be billed to the Purchaser. Return postage of any qualified claim for warranty will be covered by Manufacturer. Delivery postage to Manufacturer will be the sole responsbility of the Purchaser.

• Bring the defective part to the original point of purchase and/or installation for a Manufacturer Certified Dealer/ Installer to inspect the part to make the warranty claim. Purchaser must provide the defective part, the original proof of purchase, the original product certificate provided at the time of purchase. The serial number of the original product certificate must match the serial number of the carbon fiber part, no exceptions.

• If the Manufacturer Dealer Installer’s inspection qualifies for a repair or replacement, such repair and or replacement may be performed using new or reconditioned parts; at the dealer’s sole and final discretion.