Our Process

Carbon 88 begins the production process by using the highest quality materials. We begin with applying high strength 3K weave prepreg in our high temp compression tooling. Layer by layer, we build up several layers of high strength carbon fiber infusion for superior structural strength and rigidity.

Next, the parts are vacuum bagged and cured in our composite curing oven for up to 11 hours at an accuracy of within 0.5 degrees Celsius. Once the carbon fiber parts are cured and cooled, they are removed from the tooling for finish processing.

The beauty of our carbon fiber comes from our meticulous craftsmen and artisans. Our craftsmen hand spray multiple layers of UV resistant clear coat to create the deep, mirror like gloss that is dark and lustrous for the life of the part.

Finally, Carbon 88 technicians test fit and hand inspect every single carbon fiber component before it leaves our facility. Our technicians conduct a 90 point quality inspection to ensure that every part is structurally, visually, and tactilely perfect. Products are perfect and durable enough to be given a Carbon 88 Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Carbon 88