Carbon Fiber Door Panel Insert Installation Guide

2015-2019 F-150 || 2017+ F-250, F-350, F-450


Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of the highest quality, genuine carbon fiber door panel inserts offered for your truck!  Your package includes a complete set of four door panel inserts, installation hardware, and warranty documentation.

This Installation Guide assumes that the installer is already familiar with the steps involved in removing the door panels from the vehicle. The instructions provided here is specific to the removal of the OEM door panel inserts and the installation of the new carbon fiber door panel inserts.  Installation should take about 20 to 30 minutes per door.

Tools needed

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Power drill with 5/16 in. bit

  • Ratchet with 7/16 in. socket

  • T20 torx bit

  • A method of removing factory plastic welds (e.g. rotary tool or power drill)


What’s in the box?

The box contains four (4) carbon fiber door panel inserts, installation hardware, serial number card, and warranty information sheet.

The carbon fiber door panels are packaged with the front panels on top and the rear panels beneath them. Installation hardware is separated into two (2) boxes, one for the front panels and the other for the rear panels.

The serial number card and warranty information sheet are housed in the underside of the lid. Please keep both in a safe place. The serial number card is required for warranty coverage. Everything that you need to know about what’s covered (and what’s not) can be found on the warranty information sheet.



After removing the front door panel(s), position them on a sturdy work surface to avoid shifting and use a layer of padding beneath them to prevent scratches.

(Photo of Door Panel Front, Before)

The OE door panel inserts are secured in place with six (6) plastic spot welds and two (2) 7/16 in. nuts. These will all need to be removed.

(Photo of Door Panel Spot Welds and Nuts)

Use the 5/16 in. drill bit to drill out the center of each spot weld. Use caution and proceed slowly so that you do not drill through the door panel insert.

Use a ratchet with a 7/16 in. socket to remove the two nuts.

(Photo of Spot Welds and Nuts Removed)

At this point, you should be able to remove the OE door panel insert. If it will not release completely, make sure that all spot welds were drilled out sufficiently.

Next, gather the correct carbon fiber insert and installation hardware for the door panel that you’re working on. The installation hardware is separated into bags and labeled for clarity.


While leaving the plastic protective covering on the front of the new door panel insert, hold it in place to check and verify that the threaded hardware on the door panel fits unobstructed into the location of the oem door panel insert. Trim each hole if needed with either a razor knife or a dremel with a sanding or grinding attachment.

*****************************************(used to enlarge and clean up holes after removing plastic welds)

(Photo of Door Insert Anchor Points)

You will be using only (4) achor points to secure the new CF door panel inserts into place, as noted above. Take note that the order of the washers onto the screws prior to attaching them to the (4) anchor points of the new door panel insert are as follows:

*Metal washer, then rubber washer.

When tightening the fasteners to the door panel insert, you will only need to use a screwdriver to snugly tighten. Do not over tighten. Use of a power tool for this step is not recommended.

At this point you can turn the door panel over and remove the protective barrier. Your door panel will now look like the one in this pic.

Reinstall door panel and repeat this sequence of steps on the opposite front door panel.

(Photo of Insert Installed on Door Panel with Wrapping, Face)

(Photo of Insert Installed on Door Panel without Wrapping, Face)

(Close-Up Photo of Insert Installed on Door Panel, Face)


We will be using the same steps above that were used on the front door panels to prep them for the new door panel inserts. Only a few minor steps are slightly different.

With one of the rear door panels off of the truck begin by removing (4) of the (6) plastic spot welds and the (2) T-20 torx screws. See pic below for clarity of which (4) plastic spot welds to remove.

(Photo of 6 Spot Weld Locations on Back of Rear Door Panel)

(Photo of Rear Door Panel with Spot Welds and Screws Removed)

Plastic spot welds and T-20 torx screws removed

(Photo of Insert Installed on Rear Door Panel Using C-88 Screws and Washers, Back)

Again, you will only be using 4 attachment point to secure the new door panel inserts. See pic above for clarity. 

Repeat the steps for the opposite rear door panel and then reinstall all door panels onto the truck. You are done! 

(Photo of Insert Installed on Door Panel with Wrapping, Face)

(Photo of Insert Installed on Door Panel without Wrapping, Face)

(Close-Up Photo of Insert Installed on Door Panel, Face)